Such a definite word. I love the simple certainty of the way it sounds. There is confidence and yet a sort of old-fashioned elegance to it.

I love the simple certainty of the way it sounds. There is confidence and yet a sort of old-fashioned elegance to it.

There is a power behind word choice.  If I change ‘becoming’ to ‘going to be’ and I have lost force. Maybe I have lost an audience. Maybe I have lost myself. ‘Becoming’ describes the journey whereas ‘going to be’ is a boring, weak phrase.

Words Have Power

I think of the book title Becoming Jane by Jane Eyre. If she had titled it ‘Going to be Jane’. How does that feel? It feels yucky! Where did the power go? Where is the vulnerability? What about the journey?

Another example to contrast with is motherhood. A woman’s not going to be a mother. She is becoming a mother from the moment she conceives until she holds the child in her arms. It is something that happens overnight and the beauty is in the process. She will make sacrifices for something bigger than herself. Her heart will grow for someone she has never met. She will dedicate her body to housing another human life. And she will do it with joy and anticipation. She is not going to be a mother. Just a little more each minute she is becoming.

Words are Tools

I often struggle with day-to-day communication and can’t help but replay conversations in my head over and over. Thinking about what I could’ve changed and evaluating whether or not I portrayed what I intended to. And if not what words I could’ve replaced to change my intellectual portrait.

Knowledge is power.

What tools will you equip yourself with?

What words will give you power?

40 Replies to “Becoming”

  1. Words are certainly powerful. In fact, powerful is a word that I’m going to think about throughout the year because it reminds me that I’m capable of anything I set my mind to. Becoming is a great word too. It represents a positive journey towards something!

  2. Powerful view on the use of words. For some it’s about perception, and the way that you perceive yourself to be understood. “Going to be” parents is the way it’s been spoken for years, but I do love the idea of turning that into “Becoming” a Mom.
    Great post, and view.

  3. I like what you said about becoming a mother. My daughter is the best part of my life besides my husband of course.

  4. “BEING” will be my word for 2017. I plan to simply be and not measure myself against what I do. I am a human being after-all, and not a human doing.

  5. I always hear parents telling their kids to use their words which is really important. I wish someone would tell the adults from time to time because we all need reminders.

  6. Words have so much power, which is why it is important that we truly know and undestand the words they we use — especially with each other. You really have me thinking more about the word becoming now. I really appreciate that you have opened my mind to a word that I thought I already knew the meaning of.

  7. Words definitely have power. It has changed lives in so many ways but then again it’s also about how we react to the words thrown our way.

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